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Oz Buddhists

an online Australian Buddhism community

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Welcome to the Oz Buddhists Community! This community is for practicing Buddhists in Australia, or people with an interest in learning more about the path.

Buddhism was founded in northern India 2,500 years ago when a man named Gotama sat under a Bodhi tree and meditated until he reached Enlightenment and became the first known Buddha - an "enlightened one". His teachings on the nature of suffering and compassion have reached people on every continent.

"It is not a faith. It is not technically a religion either, though when discussing systems of worship it is easier to work with that label. It is more a psychology and a philosophy wrapped around a moral code of mind training." - Darren Nelson.

Buddhism is the fastest-growing religion in Australia. This community is particularly focused on the growth and practice of Buddhism in Australia, but people from all around the globe are welcome to join. So please feel free to join, post, ask questions, and comment.

If there are any Buddhist events or festivals coming up - or if you discover any Buddhist meditation centres, etc. in your area - please share the details with us!

[i] In the interests of mindfulness and Right Speech, flaming and irrelevant advertising is discouraged, and offensive posts will be removed by the moderators, but we encourage debate, lively discussions, and good humour.
[ii] People of all faiths are welcome. Please introduce yourself upon joining!
[iii] Questions are very welcome, and please check the memories for further information on various subjects.
[iv] Enjoy!

- Quang Duc, Melbourne
- Chung Tian Temple, Brisbane
- Buddha Birthday Festival, Brisbane

- Vipassana Meditation Au/NZ
- HH Dalai Lama Visit 2002

- Buddhist Council of NSW
- Buddhist Society of WA / Basic Meditation
- Buddhist Peace Fellowship, with chapters in Australia

- BuddhaNet - Buddhist Information
- Why is Buddhism the fastest growing religion in Australia? by Darren Nelson

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Please introduce yourself on joining! eg:
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